Renovate with Ease

Are you planning to Renovate? We can help, with a few tips…


Start with a Plan

Whether you’re starting with a clean canvas or want to add some texture to your home , planning is the number one tip towards any successful renovation.

The process consists of measuring, selecting, purchasing, sourcing suppliers and the actual renovation. This may sound like a laborious task and you may outsource these duties to a project manager. However, it’s important to always check the progress, to ensure you’re going to end up with the result you had envisioned.

If you’re planning to manage the project yourself, remember to keep a detailed checklist that focuses on all stages.


Add 35%

Did you know most tile stores sell per square metre? This requires you to measure each room you plan to tile.

What you need to do, is start by measuring on a floor, wall and room category basis and add an extra 35% to your final square metres. This also helps you to avoid shortages from tiler breakages, tiles that are out of stock and/or discontinued tiles, which would leave you with some unfinished business. Increasing your budget by 35%, may be too high, so consider a percentage which matches your risk. Remember the lower the excess you choose, the higher your risk of shortage.


Choose the Right Material

This is the fun part!….Matching and Mixing…. the dream you had, can now be a daily experience, when you walk into your newly renovated Home.

But you need to be careful, quality and application is vital in your selection. Tiles vary according to the material and use that you may expect.

For example, did you know, Porcelain Full Body tiles are ideal for high traffic areas, such as malls and airports. So keep in mind, your choice will depend on the environment and surface you plan to tile on. If you’re unsure, our team is always willing to help you make the best choice, based on your specific requirements.


 Look at Total Pricing

We’ve all experienced this at some point of our life, we see something we love/want, but the price….”NEEEXXXT!”…. This is why, we always try to advise all customer’s to request a quote, before making a decision on a product (*remember per square metre*). When you look at total pricing, it might be within your budget and renovations can begin! If costs are still very high, maybe consider purchasing the more expensive tile for a smaller space and look at other options we may have, to suit your budget and vision. A great example is a featured wall, they add a touch of elegance at a reduced price.


Ensure Quality

Renovations take time, effort and sometimes a dent in your pocket…look out for common tiling errors. An inexperienced tiler and poorly prepped floors and walls, may lead to sloping and uneven flow. Rather, reduce the risk from start, by focusing on rooms that are uneven and dry placing to ensure a seamless flow. Above all, make seamless flow a priority. Most noteworthy, consider large format tiles with marble look-a-likes to add that extra flow, these tiles add a sleek and beautiful look for large spaces.


 Match your Lifestyle

There’s no right or wrong way to match tiles and bathroomware. You can change your home from Modern, Urban to even a Custom design that suits you. Consider your furniture, appliances, painting and lighting, because all these elements add to the final design. The purpose of a renovation is to make your Home into a place that suits your Lifestyle. It’s all about you, your family and the home you want!

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