New Look – New Design

Who wants to dress the same every day for the rest of their lives? No-one! That’s exactly why we have spruced things up a bit. We have given our Middelburg branch a little bit of a Store Makeover, and soon, other stores will follow.

You can’t just update one outfit in your closet, everything has to match, right? We have included new elements to the store that we are proud of. Our branch is slick and elegant in design. Have a look at the images below that show the contrast of colour to enhance our aspirational design we have implemented. This sense of class speaks to our tiles that we stock and sell, to you our valued customers.

Sneak Peek at our Middelburg Store Makeover

     DSC_1669 Square  DSC_1664 - Square

At iTILE we have transformed the “typical” idea of a tile store into something a little more elite. If you had the option between a boutique tile store and a tile warehouse, which would you choose? We have made a concerted effort to upgrade our store with an elegant look and feel. iTILE is in the process of giving all its branches throughout South Africa a face lift with a Store Makeover in each branch. This boutique look and feel differs to that of a warehouse effect that larger companies tend to adhere to. We are excited to introduce this concept with you.

Feel free to pop in to one of our stores to see what we have been up to and what items you can find in store. We have a very insightful website that you can have a look at if you are unable to get to a store. This will give you a precise feel of the stores as well as the products we stock.

We at iTILE look forward to seeing you in store.