10 Ways to Lighten Up a Dark Space

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to lighten up any room.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a colourful rug. A colourful carpet or rug will not only define space but will also energize a room.
  2. Make use of mirrors. Having plenty mirrors on a wall across from a window or one large mirror will cause light to bounce off of it naturally lighting up the space.
  3. Think about the colour scheme. Don’t use dark colours in a dark room because they will just absorb the light. Rather opt for lighter neutral colours especially for curtains or blinds that will let light in.
  4. Trim the trees. This is an easy one, trim down hedges or trees blocking the light from coming in.
  5. Add Metallics. By adding shiny silver and gold ornaments, frames, lights you are adding more things for light to bounce off of and will also make the space feel more luxurious.
  6. Clean your windows. Another easy and obvious tip but simply getting rid of any small dust and dirt sitting on your windows will improve the amount of light that streams in.
  7. Choose matte tiles not glossy. This may seem a bit counteractive but glossy tiles or paint will reflect light unequally whereas a matt texture will reflect light in all directions.
  8. Be mindful of paintings and artwork. Save those masterpieces for rooms with more light coming in. Covering the walls will mean the light does not have anything to reflect off off so and natural light coming in will be lost.
  9. Place large objects perpendicular to windows. Think about how you want the room to flow. By placing a bookshelf or partition in front of a window you will block the light from coming in.
  10. Make use of shiny surfaces. Having glass picture frames on the walls, a glass table and mirrors again will all help reflect that natural light.

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