Mosaic Tile Designs

Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

We have insight into some trendy tips concerning mosaic tile designs in 2017. It has been the norm to use mosaic in the kitchen and bathroom as back splash areas or feature pieces. You may think you have exhausted the ways in which to use these distinctive tiles, but they are, furthermore,  being used to create focal pieces around the house as they are striking and work well in any room.

5 effective ways to use mosaics in and around the house

1. Fireplace mosaic decor

One suggestion to implement mosaic tile designs into the home is to use glass tiles around the fireplace. These tiles capture the light, creating beautiful colours and a sense of warmth. These tiles do not stain and are easy to clean. When installed correctly, they are more durable and withstand the heat.

2. Glass tile accent wall

Glass tile accent walls are another feature being implemented in homes. These take the idea of a backsplash to another level. Find a tile design that compliments the colour in the room and watch that wall pop as you create a feature.

3. Use mosaic tile designs in the shower

Introducing mosaic tiles in the bathroom has been used for years to introduce texture and colour to the space. Why not use mosaic tiles for the entire shower. This will bring a natural feel to the room coupled with the right shower  door and accessories.

4. Mosaic floor borders

With a variety of tiles these days that resemble different looks, it is easy to mix and match mosaic tiles among these to create texture and patterns. Mosaic tiles are durable and can be used with floor tiles. We love the touch of colour it can add to a room when used correctly to create a “border” effect. Keep it simple and stylish, adding a feature that is unique.

5. Decorate your backyard

One last suggestion we have included in this post is the concept of including mosaic tile designs in your backyard. Many pools have a mosaic effect along the rim or on the steps, why not compliment this look with a focal piece on the patio. Tile your outdoor sink or water feature. Other options include mosaic mirrors or art. The reflective qualities from this material outdoors is undervalued and we believe it is something trendy to consider. Outdoor areas welcome creative art as we are less likely to have pieces of art outdoors that will not withstand various elements.

Why we love these Mosaic Tile designs

With a real sense of elegance, mosaic tiles can certainly raise the sophistication and style of any space in your home. Mosaic tiles, combined with décor add style and class to any room. Not only do mosaic tiles come in various shapes and sizes, but there is a huge range of colours and designs that can be arranged in accordance to your taste.

The most common is the glass mosaic tile as they can easily be combined with other tiles such as stone or metal to create the desired effect you are looking for. This tile emits beauty as you have the option of multi-coloured or solid tiles in various colours. Glass mosaic tiles are shiny and easy to keep clean as they require little labour as they are non-porous and highly durable. These tiles are resistant to mould and stains, which is why we love them.

One thing to consider when you have chosen your colour scheme and design is the grout you chose to compliment tiles. When designing your project, grout is often overlooked. Choosing the grout colour is a personal choice and as much a design decision as selecting the tile itself. It is important to remember that the colour will change the overall final look you are trying to achieve.

Did you know

Glass tiles are more eco-friendly as it takes a lot less energy than producing that of a ceramic tile. Also, recycled glass can be used to make glass mosaic tiles. Light tiles absorb light as opposed to reflecting it, making them glow with radiance and this benefit cannot be found in any other flooring material.