Wood-Look Tile Trend 2016

It is undeniable that the Wood-look tiles are one of the hottest design trends of 2016. The concept of the Wood-look tiles is not a new one, but due to the practicality of them and their irrefutable beauty, the popularity has grown.

What are these tiles that everyone is raving about? It’s rather simple actually. The Wood-look tiles are either porcelain or ceramic tiles that look exactly like hardwood to the naked eye. Thanks to the recent advances in technology, it almost impossible to tell the difference between wood-look and the real thing. Obviously, this makes the wood-look option more attractive to homeowners and interior designers.

Benefits of Wood-look Tiles

Along with the fact that the Wood-look tiles are cheaper, easier to clean and more durable than hardwood, they are also more versatile. These tiles can be cut into various sizes that are not commonly found with hardwood. Another benefit is that these tiles also come in an array of colours, from blonde to dark grey. Due to the tiles impervious nature, it can be used in areas where traditional hardwood could not be used, such as the kitchen, bathroom and even outside areas, such as your patio or deck.


Wood-look tiles are the perfect way to give your house a warm, homely feel.

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