Mixing and Matching Mosaics

We are loving the idea of using these tiles to add a pop of colour and elegance to the room. For a refreshing modern touch to your home, Mosaic Tiles are always a good option. We are aware that sometimes it can go very wrong if not done correctly. Here are a few tips of what to do and what to stay away from.

3 Tips to using Mosaic Tiles correctly

1. Less Is More

It is important to remember that too many colours, variation and different tiles can get very messy and make the room look cluttered. Keep it simple. Stay away from covering walls with mosaics. Chose wisely where to place them, somewhere you want the focal of the room to be. Having a white bathroom with a coloured mosaic pattern is the perfect way to create a feature.


2. Know What You Want

The starting point of all tiling project should start with a plan. Be sure to plan what you want before you purchase tiles. Pick the colour scheme of the room and stick to it. The best way to create a modern elegant look is to choose tiles from the same colour scheme. Try staying away from mixing too many colours in one room.


3. Explore Using Different Tile Sizes with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are complimented when they are surrounded by larger tiles. Keeping the colour scheme the same, surround the mosaic tiles with a neutral tile that differs in size. This will really make the mosaics stand out. Avoid having too many variations.


At iTILE we have an array of different mosaic tiles that range in colour and texture for you to browse through.

Visit your nearest iTILE store and bring elegant colour and life into your house. Be sure to let us know how you introduced these Mosaic Tiles into your home.