Using Exterior Tiles Indoors

Gone are the days when exterior tiles were designed for outside use only. It was frowned upon to even think of including them inside your home. Now days we see more homes using exterior tiles indoors to add a touch of texture and elegance. This modern look includes a natural effect created using exterior tiles. Fireplaces or feature walls are some of the easiest to give an instant make over.

Why we are pro using exterior tiles indoors:

Outdoor Tiles and Décor Tiles can be used to add tone and texture, while making a bold statement. For those who prefer the minimalist approach, this effect can work in their favour. Those who want to bring attention to a room can too have a large effect. This comes down to the colours you choose, the space you cover and the texture you prefer.

Using exterior tiles indoors, allows you to design the space to be an expression of your personality. Understated design effects are often used with furniture and accessories, therefore creating a backdrop effect as opposed to a feature.

Natural look:

Using these tiles can offset a modern tile, complimenting one another while introducing a rugged texture and character. The stone look, along with natural colours add harmony to a room if you combine colours correctly. The larger the outdoor tiles, the bolder the overall effect. Smaller décor tiles add a subtle touch of colour and texture, therefore not drawing as much attention.

Both designs serve a functional purpose, as well as add architectural interest to a space.

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Be sure to send us pictures of how you have incorporated this trendy look in your home.