Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Here we are in the heat of Summer and now is the season to put your house on show. This may be to command the best price while the garden blooms and spirits are lifted. Well, that is the theory anyway. Frankly, a garden can easily be given a face-lift but when a potential buyer walks in, first impressions are everything. The second issue to a buyer is what renovations or alterations will need to be made. This choice is personal as to how to make the home acceptable and at what cost? We will have a look at how to make House Sale Preparation as simple as possible.

Slight Makeover Tips to Consider

A bedroom can easily be repainted and planters outside the entrance will brighten the house up. Most potential buyers will be heading straight to the kitchen, bathrooms and rooms, scrutinizing the floors to see if an investment is needed to make your home livable in their eyes. Kitchens, bathrooms and floors sell houses! The inherent costs of replacing wall and floor tiles, kitchen units, taps, fittings, baths, sinks, lighting etc. are substantial, not to mention plumbing, electrical and labour costs. So it’s easy to see why as a seller if these areas are already renovated, the buyer is immediately seeing huge value in your property. A R200,000 renovation could easily equate to a R400,000 increase in your final sale price i.e. money well spent indeed.

Keep it natural, keep it neutral.

House Sale Preparation

Consider whether potential buyers like your style and can imagine their furniture and belongings in the environment. If for example, you have classic Spanish terracotta tiles and the buyer has modern furniture, the style clash may jeopardise the deal. You will notice a large proportion of our tile ranges at iTILE are whites, off-whites and contemporary greys. Also have a look at our  ‘Nest’, ‘Subway’ and ‘Slabstone’ tiles. Grey does not mean dull, grey means neutral and can be combined with a darker dove grey tile or a mosaic or décor tile. Furthermore, using white grout enhances the contrast and amplifies tile size. Check out our lifestyle photographs for an example of mixed tile sizes, textures and laying techniques. The old design adage ‘less is more’ completely applies here. Adding a contemporary white luxury bath, such as our ‘Amsterdam’ or ‘Bahama’ bath, will create that on-trend look. www.itile/baths.

Small Extras

Wood-look tiles are an excellent choice to bring warmth into the home as there are many neutral grey-white combination tones. Look at our ‘Cedar-lite’ tile lifestyle at www.itile/wood-look-tiles and imagine your lounge floor with the same tile extending onto your patio. Most wood-look tiles are non-slip and ideal for outside and poolside areas. Ask one of our iTILE brand ambassadors to explain how to lay wood looks and where a budget is a concern. Ask them to show you our exclusive range of HBC ‘Designer Collection’ and ‘Vogue Collection’ tiles! Your consultant will also talk to you about how these tiles can be cut into different sizes and staggered to create the most beautiful natural wood effects. The HBC acronym stands for Hard Body Ceramic which as the name denotes. These tiles are ideal for heavy traffic areas and will stand up to the test of time.

You will be amazed what a difference a  neutral, uncluttered makeover will make as a seller. It will speed up the House Sale Preparation and overall selling process. This could even get you a better price no matter how the property market fares.