Design Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small bathrooms in the main room can be challenging when making sure everything fits without looking cluttered. Luckily, having a small bathroom is not the end of the world as there a few small bathroom design tips design that can easily open the space and create the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it really is.

7 effective small bathroom design tips to consider

1. Using Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are a great way to trick the eye into thinking the area is larger and more spacious. Small bathroom tiles in a small area can also make the room look cluttered. Large format tiles together with creative design can help alleviate this.

2. Keep the colour uniform throughout

We suggest you avoid dark floors and light walls or visa versa as the stark contrast will create a split in the room, causing a divide in the look of space. If you want an area to appear larger, it is best to avoid splitting the room into visually different areas. However, if everything is the same tone it can look a bit washed out. If this is the case and you want to create slight contrast use a large object such as a bathroom cabinet for example. Match your wall colour with your floor tiles to create uniformity.

3. Keep all your natural light

Another of our small bathroom design tips that help create an illusion of space is to use windows to your advantage. If privacy is a concern, have the windows textured without blocking the natural light completely. Again, if there is no natural light in the room, consider getting a solar-tube installed to introduce this light. Natural light is one of the best ways to alleviate the claustrophobic feel of a small bathroom. Place a mirror in the bathroom to make it seem like you have more than one source of light.

4. Tiling all the way up to the ceiling

Often tiles end halfway up the wall surface, therefore making it look like the ceiling is lower than it really is. This is enhanced if the tiles are one colour and the wall paint is another. If you decide to tile your walls try tile up to the ceiling.

5. Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to open up a room and create the illusion of space. A larger mirror will expand the room quite a bit. Avoid using two small mirrors over a double sink, rather opt for one large mirror as two mirrors divide the room which we are trying to avoid.

6. Shower door

We advise that you stay away from closing the shower off. Having shower walls or a sandblasted shower door will divide the room and make the room feel small. To prevent this, rather have an open plan shower with a clear glass door. If space is limited, a towel rack attached to the back of the shower door is another great way to save on wall space.

7. Shower tiles

Extending floor tiles into the shower is a clever way to prevent dividing the space of the room. If you are not a fan of having one tile throughout, try stick to a tile with a similar colour or shade for uniformity between the room and shower, making it seem like one element rather than two.

Essentially, it is not the end of the world if you land up with a small bathroom, it is about how we use the space creatively and how to design it intelligently. Let us know how you created an illusion of space in your bathroom using some of our small bathroom design tips.