Scratch Card Rules:

  1. No cash refunds for discounts,
  2. Discounts are Non-transferable,
  3. Discounts must be used against purchases,
  4. Only one scratch card is available for one person and order,
  5. Discounts are only allowed to be used at checkout(i.e. Before Payment). If a customer decides to not pay/hold their order for additional time, then the discount will no longer be valid and
  6. All scratch cards are subject to iTILE’s terms and conditions
  7. For additional information, please email or find a showroom here:

How it Works:

  1. Find a Showroom here: 
  2. Complete your Quote and Checkout In store
  3. Select your Scratch Card at the Sales Counter
  4. Scratch and Win a Discount
  5. Complete Payment and
  6. Save on Affordable Luxury