How to Create the Illusion of Warmth in Your Bathroom this Winter

It’s often a challenge to make any bathroom feel warm, with the abundance of white, porcelain, chrome and hard surfaces – and this is especially true in larger bathrooms. However, all is not lost – with a few simple tricks and some smart colour choices you can add cosiness to even the largest and most clinical space.

Use Colour

One of the easiest ways to bring warmth to the room is with colour. Traditionally, warm colours were believed to be reds, oranges and yellows – that is still true, but perhaps not for the luxurious and elegant look you’re aiming for and often a bit too much for entire walls. Nowadays, it’s more about tone than actual colour. There are tones of virtually any colour that add warmth: blues, greys and even whites to any bathroom. Perhaps a grey, with hints of pink; or even a soft off-white or palest, milky cream. A near-matt or eggshell finish will often add warmth. There are many tiles from our Wall and Floor tiles range at iTILE that can help you achieve this soft warm tonal look.

Those stronger, brighter colours can still be used sparingly as accents or to accessorise – jewel-toned towels and fluffy robes, decorative bottles and jars, bright tiles and artwork can all add warmth without overdoing it, as deeper colours can often feel domineering or give the impression of a smaller, darker space. Used correctly, deep colours are all about the drama and heat. Also by adding one of our Heated Towel Racks to your bathroom will ensure no one will get out the bath and have to put a cold towel around them.


It’s not only the colour

You needn’t rely entirely on colour to give a temperate feel. As already mentioned with the kind of tile a matt or non-reflective wall can really help, so consider stone tiles and flooring, or natural wood looking tiles. Our Wood Look tiles give the illusion of being actual wood rather than a cold tile and by choosing the right colour for you can warm up any room along with achieving a classic look.

If completely re-doing the room isn’t an option, actually furnish it. Nothing looks colder than an empty room and bathroom installations are so often sparse and minimalistic, so adding wooden cupboards or towel chests, a sumptuous wallpapered feature wall, a luxurious rug and window treatments can really help. Set furniture at angles to soften hard edges or choose a stylish ladder shelf for towels, add ornate lighting and lots of candles.

Hopefully you are feeling inspired to cosy up your bathroom for this cold winter!