Heated Towel Rails

We all know far too well how vital bathroom heating is in winter. The bathroom is a place of relaxation and cleanliness. No better a start to a Monday morning, but every morning, than a toasty warm fluffy towel. Heated towel rails are certainly one of life’s affordable luxuries that we can all include in our bathrooms.

Often we tend to opt for a bathroom heater to warm the area … if the space allows. This winter we believe heated towel rails will trend as it looks to be a cold one. Not only do these warm your towels, they make sure they dry them too.

Keep in mind the following when looking for the perfect rail to spruce up your bathroom while bringing the heat this winter.

Why Heated Towel Rails are Looking to Trend This Winter

1. Style

While the standard ladder rung style has been the norm over the years, design has shifted to bring elegance and sophistication to the bathroom. With this look, towels drape over the heated radiator, creating warmth throughout. Also, these traditional heated towel rails vary in size and number of rungs it boasts. It is to your discretion to decide what will work best for you and your family. In addition to the traditional look, we supply swivelling rails too.

2. Finishes and Maintenance

These products are 100% stainless steel and boast a variety of finishes to match your bathroom accessories. Choose from polished, brushed, black or white coated rails to elegantly tie in with your style. These rails are guaranteed to not rust, corrode or flake. Any scratches can easily be polished out as a result and are regarded highly in terms of hygiene. Many towel rails reduce humidity in the bathroom which decreases chances of mildew and mold growth in the bathroom.


3. Installation

Your options are limitless with freestanding, wall units and floor mounted rails, that can be accommodated almost anywhere in your bathroom. This allows for you to mount these rails to your convenience, ensuring they are out of the way yet easily accessible.

4. Safety

All heated towel rails are fitted with a unique self-regulating thermostat and security fuse to ensures optimum temperature is reached. The fuse ads precaution against over-heating with the use of Automatic Heating Technology. These rails warm up enough to bring warmth to a room as well as your towels over time. There is no added stress factor for young children or towels burning if left for too long. The rails are constantly regulated at an adequate temperature with internal switches that regulate heat. Heat distribution is paramount to ensure vertical and horizontal tubes are filled with fluid that functions through means of convection and natural circulation.

5. Electricity Use

These rails are unique in that they boast constant surface temperatures while maintaining energy efficiency as they do not draw energy constantly.

Follow this link to our Heated Towel Rails to get yours as they are an added touch of elegance that no bathroom can do without this winter. Choose from our range and make sure getting out of bed in the morning is something to look forward to.