5 Ways to Blend Your Interior with Your Exterior

Lately, a lot of people keep mentioning the idea of blending indoor and outdoor space, but why? Firstly, blending the spaces, or blurring the lines between the spaces works very similar to having an open plan kitchen and lounge, it makes the area visually larger. An additional attraction to this design that incorporates the outdoors is that it gives you a sense of freedom. Here are a few tips when it comes to connecting your interior design with your exterior design.

1. Replace walls with glass

Replacing walls that separate a room with the outdoors with glass or having great big glass windows in the walls is a great way to blend your home with the outdoors. The best rooms to do this are your lounge, study and kitchen. Even having a large window in your shower (if applicable) will make you feel as if you are showering outside. This is perfect if you love the outdoors and nature!

2. Have a covered outdoor lounge

Having a covered lounge area outside is a great way to keep the flow throughout your home. If you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter months you may want to consider having a patio that has frameless glass doors that open up completely so that you can close them in the cold winter months but open them up completely in the summer time.

3. Having corner windows

Break away from the tradition four-wall room design and get a full-length corner window. This will give you a wider angle view and makes you feel a part of it rather than simply looking at it. This is ideal if you have an incredible view of say the ocean, mountain or a beautiful landscape.

4. Using the same tiles indoors and outdoors

The easiest way to blur the lines between one room and the next is to use the same tiles continuously. If you truly want to blend your interior and your exterior you need to treat your patio/outside area as an open plan design. Once you have this mindset, blending the two together will be an easy task. Remember that your tiles outdoors need to be anti-slip to prevent some serious injuries. If you are looking for the natural wood-look, the Fusion or Natural tiles are perfect for both indoors and outdoors, both having a wide variety of natural colours as well as an anti-slip option in every colour.

5. Give your bedroom a view

Be it a big glass door that opens up into a little garden or having big glass windows so you have a great view while in the bedroom is a great way to be one with the outdoors. Nothing beats waking up to a stunning view and fresh air.

Give some of these a try and let us know what you think and how it worked out for you!