Free-Standing Baths

There is nothing more appealing than the idea of a hot bubble bath after a long day. Although Free-Standing Baths have often been viewed as luxury items that were often seen as ‘over-priced’. This is less an issue these days as the materials they are made from have changed, making them more affordable. These stand-alone baths certainly add glamour and elegance to any bathroom, creating a spa feel and strong visual statement.

These baths stand either directly on the floor or mounted on “feet” without being attached to a supporting wall. This allows for the bath to be placed anywhere in the room which adds to convenience and luxury. Space was often believed to be an issue as these baths are seen as chunky. This is no longer the case as there are a variety of designs that allow for the bath to be located next to a wall or simply in the most convenient space in the room.

Have a look at various elements to keep in mind when deciding which Free-Standing Bath to purchase:

1. Design

These baths can add a traditional look to the room or a more contemporary appeal as these elegant items are grand in design, shape and style. These Free-Standing Baths are finished on all edges, boast curves and have an overall clean design, adding to the appeal. This is all designed to add a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The ideal means to slip into that hot bath at the end of a day, be it in summer or winter too. Pedestal based design is another look that adds a modern appeal as it steers away from the vintage effect and leans towards the contemporary look, while having a base to add to the glamour.

2. Size & Weight

Make sure there is enough space to get your bath into the home and into your desired room. These are pre-built and cannot be assembled in the bathroom. You need to consider staircases and door ways that will need to be maneuvered around to get this luxury bath into to area in one piece. Baths vary in weight as their materials vary. The different materials include acrylic, stone/white quartz and resin.

3. Plumbing

If you are removing a bath and replacing it with a free-standing bath, you need to ensure that plumbing is installed in the space you envisage the bath going. We now have new fully fitted spa baths in store that only require water and an electrical connection to function. This feature is user friendly and eliminates plumbing.

4. Cost

This depends on what you chose, as well as the taps you chose to accompany the bath. This is important to consider as this adds to overall look. Taps can be attached to the bath or stand-alone alongside the bath. Free-Standing Baths do not require additional surrounding, such as wall tiling and water proofing etc, which brings down the cost of installing this bath.

5. Space

It is advised to leave the area around the bath as open as possible to create a sense of negative space, which in turn acts as a visual cue, drawing attention to the tub. This needs to be taken into account with the size of the bathroom, to make sure it does not over power the space.

6. Free-Standing Bath Tub Mixers

It is important to note that free standing bath tubs with no tap holes require floor or wall mounted mixers. We have a wide variety of bath mixers to choose from that will compliment your stand-alone bath tub and overall bathroom style. We boast a variety of wall mounted mixers as well as free-standing mixers. Have a look at our bath mixers here:

We hope you find this blog helpful. We look forward to receiving images of how you have included free-standing baths in your bathrooms.