4 Tips to Consider when Choosing a Bathroom Basin

Deciding which bathroom basin to include in the home is often harder than we think. With so many options to choose from these days, we tend to look past the functionalities and purpose of these accessories. Basins vary in the materials they are made from as well as their size and structure. With so many options, from built in cabinets to free standing simplistic basins, it is important to take note of the tips below when choosing the best fit for your wet room.

1. Size

The size of the bathroom plays a huge role when deciding which basin type to choose. You need to consider who will be using this space and what the functionality of the basin is for. If you are including this in your guest toilet with the purpose of washing hands, we suggest something smaller. This small bowl will be adequate for general hygiene. If you are re-doing your main bathroom/s, we favour the larger bowls. Often free-standing basins look more modern, but built-in cabinet basins certainly save space. These cabinets also maximise on storage. Have a look at our range of built in basin cabinet sets here: http://itile.co.za/bathroomware/cabinets-3/. If you have the space for a double sink set, this is a great way to compliment space used in the bathroom. We love the idea of these couple basins that allow for both parties to get ready simultaneously.

2. Location

Basins need to be easily accessible. Often a large mirror or wall mounted cabinet is required above the work space. It is important to ensure you have enough space around the basin for toiletries if you have less storage space. If you are sharing a bathroom, there needs to be accessibility to allow for a flow in this space. Basins that are to be used regularly for general hygiene reasons should be robust and sturdy to withstand the use of these accessories. Delicate glass basins are beautiful and work in most bathrooms, but if you can find an elegant option that can withstand the means of daily use, this will certainly be more favourable in the long run.

3. Style

Basins come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from these days. A basin, if coupled correctly with the likes of a bath or toilet can set the entire tone of a bathroom. It is imperative to settle on something that compliments the look and feel of the room. Styles vary and can include the likes of wall mounted units, semi-recessed, stand alone, above the counter bowls or built in cabinets that boast more storage space. These options are endless and depend on your personal needs and taste.  Not only do the types of basins vary, but the bowl shapes differ too.


The more common shape is the standard round bowl, while we see square, oval, rectangular and scalloped shaped basins too. There is more tendency to opt for a cubed, pointed, scooped or trough like bowl in smaller bathrooms. It is important to regard what the basin will be used for. Washing faces, shaving and brushing teeth certainly call for a more functional bowl of adequate size to minimise mess. While iTILE stocks a large range of porcelain and ceramic basins, they boast a huge variety of shapes. These can be seen on the website here: http://itile.co.za/bathroomware/basins-2/. Other popular materials that change the overall décor of your bathroom include glass, stone, copper, brass, concrete and chrome basins.

4. Consider taps when choosing your bathroom basin

It is always important to consider the style of the tap you wish to use with your basin. Our next blog post will focus on the importance of choosing the correct tap for your basin. Here we touch on the different options available to couple with your basin of choice.

It is significant to make sure the tap will fit the bowl and give you enough space for washing. Style is important to consider, so as to ensure they complement one another. Some basins may have holes for the taps to be fitted, while others will have no holes as these are to be mounted to the wall. If this is the case, you must ensure the correct plumping is installed or already available in the bathroom. iTILE stocks a range of taps to choose from of high quality. We look forward to sharing a bit more about these options in the next post.